While still respecting tradition, Twisted X has changed the way Cowboy boots are made. After years and years of experience and research, Twisted X has revolutionized what a comfortable boot feels like.  The highest quality breathable leather with Twisted X technology equates to a boot that is light weight, durable, tough, and extremely comfortable.

Here is a visual of the *technology that makes Twisted X Boots the most comfortable cowboy and cowgirl boots on the market today. *technology varies slightly by collection

Twisted X Tecnology

In addition, Twisted X Boots are made on a spade last - which means a traditional western boot fit: snug in the instep with plenty of room in the foot. 

Twisted X Toe and Heel Chart

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Gold Buckle Collection       If you are one of those cowboys who prefers leather outsoles over rubber outsoles, then Gold Buckle Boots are your kind of boots. Twisted X uses only the best leather outsoles, leather midsoles,Gold Buckle Collection and leather stacked heels available. As in all Twisted X boots, the Gold Buckle Collection incorporates authentic styling, technology, stability, durability, and comfort into making Twisted X the best overall boot package available. These boots are made for cowboys and cowgirls. is dedicated to making a better boot. The Twisted X Gold Buckle Buckaroos and Ruff Stocks are designed for working ranch and rodeo cowboys and cowgirls.

Silver Buckle Collection     Twisted X is cowboys offering real cowboy boots to cowboys. They are not another western boot brand designed and developed by shoe peSilver Buckle Collectionople. They're a cowboy brand living the lifestyle and still cowboy-in, now and then, when not working on the boot deal. Their team has a gazillion years experience, in the boot business, and they've got this deal figured out. They know how to build functional cowboy boots. They've incorporated authentic styling, technology, stability, durability, and comfort into making Twisted X the best overall boot package available. You might say these are xtreme cowboy boots. You've got better things to worry about than your feet. Let Twisted X do that.

Red BRed Buckle Colletionuckle Collection       This is a series of footwear, ranging from boots to shoes; we call “Casuals for Cowboys” and “Casuals for Cowgirls”. All Red Buckle styles are constructed as all Twisted X categories, but they have incorporated newer and lighter weight materials and components to accentuate comfort. No matter what the style, each Red Buckle is designed to fit like a Twisted X, to be functional, and comfortable. These aren't regular people boots and shoes; these are for Cowpeople . 

Work Boot CollectionWork Boot Collection    The Twisted X Team has a gazillion years' experience in the boot business. They're boot people making work boots. It's got to be nice knowing your work boots are designed and developed by someone who has actually worked in an industrial environment. They've incorporated, in their work boots, all the components necessary to provide you with style, technology, stability, durability, and comfort. These boots are made to hold together and perform. Twisted X is confident that this is the best overall work boot package available, at any price. You could say these are xtreme work boots. You've got better things to worry about than your feet. Let Twisted X and ANSI worry about that.

Twisted X Boots® is dedicated to making a better boot. They've spent a lot of time and energy in the design and development process. And, they've used the newest technology, stronger and lighter weight components, new tanning processes, as well as newer and more consistent manufacturing techniques. They've applied all this, and are still able to offer you traditional and authentic looking cowboy, western, and work boots. Twisted X technology gives you a more durable, stable, light weight, breathable, and comfortable boot. The fit is consistent throughout the Twisted X line due to the fact that all Twisted X last (the form the boots are made on) measurements are the same from ball to heel. Twisted X Boots also offer a new, unique, super duper insole board with an injected composite shank.